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Intent to NMU tinyproxy

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I've worked on some improvements to the tinyproxy package, and I'm
looking for reviewers before I upload this to unstable.

My main interest in NMUing this was enabling transparent proxy support
to the package, but after seeing the last maintainer upload was over
four years ago and there was room for several other packaging
improvements, I went ahead and fixed many other things.

I need advice on what to do about the version number. Debian's current
version is 1.6.3-2.1, and my NMU should be -2.2. However, it seems
Ubuntu uploaded -3 as a fork of Debian's -2 by mistake some time ago, so
our NMU changes aren't getting synced in Ubuntu releases.

Should I ignore this or should I artificially bump the version number to
something greater than Ubuntu's, allowing them to sync our changes? If
the latter, should I use -3.0, -3.1, -3.2? Currently I'm using -3.2.

I have uploaded i386 binaries and source to
http://people.debian.org/~jordi/debian, along with an (unreadable)
interdiff which shows that all patches have been moved to
debian/patches. List of changes is in

Please test and/or comment, as my usage of tinyproxy is quite simple and

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