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Re: Intent to NMU tinyproxy

Jordi Mallach dijo [Fri, Jul 04, 2008 at 06:25:58PM +0200]:
> (please respect Mail-Followup-To:, as I'm not subscribed to this list)
> Hi,
> I've worked on some improvements to the tinyproxy package, and I'm
> looking for reviewers before I upload this to unstable.
> My main interest in NMUing this was enabling transparent proxy support
> to the package, but after seeing the last maintainer upload was over
> four years ago and there was room for several other packaging
> improvements, I went ahead and fixed many other things.
> I need advice on what to do about the version number.

Given the above mentioned factors (mainly, you are adding
functionality and not just fixing a bug, and the maintainer is not at
all active), I'm sure you have tried to ping Ed Boraas on this
regard. Why don't you take over the package? I think everybody will be
better off that way...

(of course, keeping Ed in the Cc: - Ed, are you still interested in
this package? Would you oppose Jordi taking over?)

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