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Re: Bug#489059: ITP: mnemosyne-blog -- Maildir-to-blog compiler with XML templating and Python extensions

Ben Finney writes:

> I'd advise the name "mnemosyne-weblog" which is slightly less
> jargonny.

Hmm. While I don't want to dismiss this out of hand, I feel much more
natural saying "blog" myself. As a crude approximation of current usage,
here are the current numbers of google hits for:

  "weblog" - 184,000,000
  "blog" - 3,530,000,000

Additionally, the first hit for "weblog" is the wikipedia article for
"Blog" (the article for "Weblog" is a redirect to this article). IMO the
short form has passed into common enough usage that I would consider it
appropriate. Of course I wouldn't consider "weblog" *in*appropriate, if
upstream had a preference for that. I am my own upstream here, so I can
rule that one out :)

things change.

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