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Re: Dpkg triggers and user experience, aka "How do I disable those triggers" side effect.

On Thu, 3 Jul 2008, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

to, 2008-07-03 kello 08:24 +0200, Andreas Tille kirjoitti:
/me as a completely uneducated apt / aptitude user thinks: Triggers have
done more harm than good.

I haven't been following trigger adoption very much, so I'm ignorant:
what harm have triggers done?

It slows down apt-get / aptitude by calling update-menus / update-mandb
for every package that drops a file into this directory.  I have not done
measures whether the installation time with and without triggers is
really different (perhaps there are some other means of optimisation
done) but the user reads much more lines about things that are done when
calling apt which is annoing and leaves open questions for the user.
This is bad.

I reported another problem at


which was in principle easy to circumvent, but I did not got an
answer to my later question in this thread


where I wanted to know whether there is some means to obtain a
return code of update-menus about the reasons of the failure.  So
my script has no chance to differentiate between a real problem in
the installation (really missing config file) or a problem that
was caused by an (IMHO unnecessary and boring) call because of
the trigger feature.

Kind regards



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