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Re: Dpkg triggers and user experience, aka "How do I disable those triggers" side effect.

Quoting Franklin PIAT (fpiat@bigfoot.com):

> That's true, IMHO. The funny (and *angering*) thing is, those users who
> actually notice triggers are likely to complain :
>  "Why the Hell do you run those triggers, it wastes my time !"

Are you basing this assumption on somethign really experienced?

Indeed, when I run an "apt<whatever> dist-upgrade", I just launch the
command, look at the list of actions that are planned, hit "Y" to
confirm and just switch to another window and come back some hours

In short, I don't really care to read what's happening or displayed on
my screen..:-)

Do you think that real users will worry about mysterious actions
happening after package installs? After all, it's quite some time
since we've see people complaining about actions happening after every
package install....

I understand the point in your suggestion and we certainly should be
careful about potential triggers abuse (just like debconf abuse I'm
hunting here and there) but I don't really think that the complaints
will come from our users.

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