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Re: subversion 1.5.0 in experimental

Peter Samuelson wrote:
A few days ago upstream released Subversion 1.5.0, a fairly major
improvement over 1.4.x.  Last night I finally fixed enough build and
testsuite bugs to be able to upload it to experimental.

For those of you who _haven't_ been caught up in the git craze yet, and
are still using this old and boring technology, I would appreciate
aggressive testing.  I know it's almost, if not already, too late for
the lenny library freeze, but I'd _really_ like to try to get 1.5.0
into lenny anyway.  It finally has merge tracking with cherry picking,
WebDAV caching proxy support, sparse checkouts, hashed repository files
(still 1 file per global revision, but now not all in the same dir) and
a lot of small UI improvements.

The main reason it's in experimental and not sid is that I disabled
libsvn-java for now, which is broken because upstream doesn't have much
desire to use anything but Sun Java.  It's not because I think the rest
of the package is necessarily buggy.

An important thing to note:

If you update your svn client to 1.5.x it will automatically
upgrade your working copies (I guess on first use) so that
they become incompatible with earlier clients!

For merge info to be fully supported you'll need to update
your repositories manually using svnadmin or some other
method, e.g. dumping and reloading the repository.

/Daniel Widenfalk

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