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subversion 1.5.0 in experimental

A few days ago upstream released Subversion 1.5.0, a fairly major
improvement over 1.4.x.  Last night I finally fixed enough build and
testsuite bugs to be able to upload it to experimental.

For those of you who _haven't_ been caught up in the git craze yet, and
are still using this old and boring technology, I would appreciate
aggressive testing.  I know it's almost, if not already, too late for
the lenny library freeze, but I'd _really_ like to try to get 1.5.0
into lenny anyway.  It finally has merge tracking with cherry picking,
WebDAV caching proxy support, sparse checkouts, hashed repository files
(still 1 file per global revision, but now not all in the same dir) and
a lot of small UI improvements.

The main reason it's in experimental and not sid is that I disabled
libsvn-java for now, which is broken because upstream doesn't have much
desire to use anything but Sun Java.  It's not because I think the rest
of the package is necessarily buggy.
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