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Re: Non-free IETF RFC/I-Ds in,source packages

Brian May <brian@microcomaustralia.com.au> writes:

> Russ Allbery wrote:
>> This seems to imply that you no longer have a file named rfc3454.txt?  You
>> want to strip all the text out of that file except for the table, but
>> leave the table in the tree still named rfc3454.txt.
> This would imply understanding what needs to be extracted. For rfc3454.txt,
> it appears that the tables are all that required; presumably this
> means going through
> the tables manually and deleting and the many page headers that appear
> within,
> and hoping I haven't accidentally deleted a table row.

Right.  It appears legal to do this, since the tables aren't
copyrightable work.

> Unfortunately, rfc3492.txt looks more hairy, at quick glance it looks
> like the code extracts all of section 7.1 (open filename not hard
> coded in source):

In general, this is a different case because code is copyrightable and
you can't extract code from RFCs without permission.  Fortunately, this
particular RFC contains the following appendix:

B. Disclaimer and license

   Regarding this entire document or any portion of it (including the
   pseudocode and C code), the author makes no guarantees and is not
   responsible for any damage resulting from its use.  The author grants
   irrevocable permission to anyone to use, modify, and distribute it in
   any way that does not diminish the rights of anyone else to use,
   modify, and distribute it, provided that redistributed derivative
   works do not contain misleading author or version information.
   Derivative works need not be licensed under similar terms.

Thus it should be possible to include RFC 3492 in 'main' since it is
licensed under a DFSG free license.  If I recall correctly, at least
earlier discussions agreed that the license passed the DFSG.

The debian/copyright file should likely discuss these details.


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