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Re: Non-free IETF RFC/I-Ds in,source packages


On Mon, 2008-06-16 at 11:18 +1000, Brian May wrote:
> I tried to upload what I have so far to Debian experimental so that 
> others can look at it (I hate being the sole maintainer of such a 
> complicated package). I think this is within the scope of experimental, 
> for anything that is experimental and might be broken. In this case it 
> breaks policy by not being DFSG compliant. Unfortunately it got rejected 
> with the message I should use non-free instead.
> I am wondering if the ftp-masters missed the point that it is an 
> existing package already in main and should not get moved to non-free. 
> Unfortunately this was an issue because one of the sonames for one of 
> the shared libraries was also incremented, resulting in the package 
> being marked as new.

There are alternative places where you can upload your packages that
don't have the requirements for acceptance into Debian proper. I do not
believe that experimental is the appropriate place for packages to be
reviewed, but instead is a place for packages to be uploaded where the
technology is not yet seen as stable enough to go into Debian unstable
in the mind of the maintainer.

For example, you could upload your packages to mentors.debian.net if all
you want to do is have people examine your source package. With tools
like dget, all you have to do is just upload your package anywhere and
pass a URL to the .dsc file.


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