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Re: Time to phase out net-tools?

On Fri, 13 Jun 2008, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> Both, I know that many people had written stuff on top of that output
> and interface.

Including Debian.

> > net-tools doesn't suffer any showstoppers, is there a good reason to
> > replace it at this time? iproute is indeed much better, but it is not even
> > part of a standard Debian install currently. Maybe that's something that
> > we should start with if we want to migrate towards iproute.
> It's not something to be done in a day. But I think that given the
> amount of bug net-tools has, and the fact that it can't do much of the
> cool stuff provided by 2.4+ kernels, it's time for its retirement. And
> yes, iproute should become priority important.

You could have that as a release goal for lenny+1: net-tools as an optional
package.  This means changing everything in Debian that uses net-tools to
iproute (except for other optional packages), which could be a good thing by
itself.  We do need some forced churning on part of our network
infrastructure, after all.

But to rewrite net-tools as wrappers for iproute?  I fail to see the point.
It is just wasted effort, IMHO.  They already work, and they're not using
deprecated interfaces to the kernel AFAIK (if they are, things change).  I
think it is better to direct our efforts to stop using net-tools as much as
we can, so as to make the package optional...  that alone will take a lot of
effort by itself.

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