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Re: Time to phase out net-tools?

On Fri, June 13, 2008 17:29, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> Net-tools has been very useful for us during all this years, but we
> have a much more powerful and clean tool since years ago: iproute. Maybe
> it's time for us to drop net-tools altogether and just write the
> compatibility scripts as iproute wrappers? I think that the iproute manual
> even has some sample scripts that do exactly this.

With wrapper scripts, are you only talking about the interface to set
stuff or would you also want to mimick the existing output? Because I
think the output from commands like ifconfig and route is so old and
well-known that people rely on it both in scripts and just in mental

net-tools doesn't suffer any showstoppers, is there a good reason to
replace it at this time? iproute is indeed much better, but it is not even
part of a standard Debian install currently. Maybe that's something that
we should start with if we want to migrate towards iproute.


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