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packages with perl-modules, CPAN, Policy

May be I'm re-inventing  the  wheel,  if  so,  please  criticize.

I write to the Mail List and not to BTS, may be later I'l make  a
post to BTS.

I dislike very much to watch how the admins I'm  acquainted  with
install perl-modules with the help of the command perl -MCPAN  -e
shell, however there's no other way out when the package  is  not
included into deb-repositary.  Many of them simply can't build  a

Is it possible to take this work under  control  of  the  control

I think if in the system of controlling the packages there  would
be  an  opportunity  of  univocal  (single-valued)  search  of  a
deb-package according to the name of a perl-module [1],  then  it
would give the following opportunity (and besides the simple ease
of search of a package name (sometimes it is rather hard to  find
a  deb-package  in  repository   according   to   the   name   of

it would be possible to write a script (working for example under
debconf control)) with the following characteristics:

1. when refreshing of any of packages with perl-modules its call
would be organized (by analogy with update-menu)

2.  this script would  scan  the  directories  with  the  modules
installed and taken from cpan and make their list

3.  having a list of modules  it  would  make  a  search  [1]  of
deb-packages  containing  such  modules  and  if  the  search  is
successful it would offer to install them (with the help  of  the
blocks of  debconf dialogue)

4.  it would delete the modules installed  from  CPAN  that  were
replaced by the modules from deb-packages.

So when refreshing the system the  modules  installed  from  cpan
would be replaced by the modules from  deb-packages  (if  they've

I could take up and write such a script however at  first  it  is
necessary to create a univocal search [1],  and  its  realization
(may be somebody  will  offer  the  better  decision,  won't  he)
demands to change the policy a bit.

I offer to include new fields into  debian/contol,  for  example:

Export-Perl-Modules: WWW::Mechanize,  WWW::Mechanize::Image,  ...

These fields may be filled in by hand or it is better to  entrust
this function to dh_perl (or a new utility of such kind).

Also  it  would  be  good  if  the  same  utility  installes   in
#DEBHELPER# section the call of a script described above, let  it
be called update-perl-modules.

However these are the details of realization which are deserve to
be discussed only after the principle decision  of  the  question
[1]: adding of a field to the debian/control file.  This  is  the
question I offer to discuss.

PS: may be there  are  the  same  problems  with  installing  the
modules for other languages and may be we  should  discuss  there
not only an additional field Export-Perl-Modules, but  also,  for
example, Export-(Python|TCL|Ruby|\w+)-Modules?

I would like to subject this idea to the criticism from  DDs  who
maintain perl-modules for Debian for a long time. I delved deeply
into these problems only recently and so I may offer to solve the
problems which have been already solved. Then correct me ;)


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