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packages with perl-modules, CPAN, Policy

Thank you for many links on dh-make-perl whick you sent me
privately, but for all that I mean another class of 

1. dh-make-perl

For   example   we   build   with   its    help    the    package
libwww-mechanize-perl.  Excellent! The package is built. But it's
not a package, its a template for package!  i.e. If one tries to
build it in pbuilder system, then the build will not be fulfilled

Why does it happen? Because  dh-make-perl left the field
(Indep-)?Build-Depends empty.

If there's created a unambiguous search of the package  according
to its name then  it  will  be  possible  to  introduce  such  an
opportunity in dh-make-perl.

2.  Thank you for many links on  apt-cache  search,  but  I  mean
rather another class of problems :)

Start the command apt-cache --full search -- -perl|less

and  see  hoe  many  packages  haven't  the  modules'  names   in
description.  Thereafter there exists the complexity  of  search,
for example one can't find libio-compress-zlib-perl according  to
modules'  names  IO::Uncompress::Gunzip,   IO::Uncompress::Unzip.

Besides very often a single deb-package includes  many  different
perl  modules,  which  are  by  all  means  not   included   into

i.e. At present it is very hard to write an utility of the search
of a name of deb-package according to a name of Perl-module.

Bringing into service the possibility of the  unambiguous  search
according to the module name will give an opportunity to  improve
dh-make-perl and write utilities such as I described in my  first
mail etc. 

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