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Re: What about use xml for descriptions of packages?

Twas brillig at 14:40:07 25.05.2008 UTC+02 when Fernando Cerezal did gyre and gimble:

 FC> I think using XML the descriptions can be rendered in different
 FC> form for text and graphical tools.

Same for current format. Just use perl/python/whatever instead of XSLT.

 FC> The URL of the descriptions can be real links and, even and the
 FC> project thinks it is appropiate, links to the logos, and perhaps
 FC> sponsors, of the project when description is showed in graphical
 FC> mode.

Same for current format.

 FC> Besides, I think will be more easy to develop a tool that manage
 FC> XML for manage descriptions and their translations than plain text
 FC> with its special details.

IMHO quite opposite.

 FC> And, of course, we will not format the descriptions using spaces.

While formatting is consistent, it may be converted to anything you


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