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What about use xml for descriptions of packages?

I'm thinking about advantages and disadvantages of write the
description of the packages using XML.
I think using XML the descriptions can be rendered in different form
for text and graphical tools. The URL of the descriptions can be real
links and, even and the project thinks it is appropiate, links to the
logos, and perhaps sponsors, of the project when description is showed
in graphical mode.
Besides, I think will be more easy to develop a tool that manage XML
for manage descriptions and their translations than plain text with
its special details. And, of course, we will not format the
descriptions using spaces.

As disadvantage, we will need to develop a robot that do format for
the current descriptions and translations and we will have to review
all of them. Ciertainly, this will be an huge job. However, I think
the current scheme of descriptions is very limitied and is better to
do it earlier than translate more descriptions and then move all to a
new format in the future.

Is there any earlier discussion about this?

I sent this to i18n, but I had not reponse.


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