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Re: package config

Le mercredi 21 mai 2008 à 10:39 +0200, Anthony a écrit :  
> I would like to create a  package to configure my authentification on
> an ldap server.
> All of my Debian Sarge Computer users are authenticated on a nis
> server or on passwd/group files.
> AND i want to configure all of them on my ldap server.
> So i need to install package :
> libpam_ldap
> libnss_ldap
> ldap-utils
> nss_updatedb
> libnss-db
> And change configurations :
> pam_ldap.conf
> libnss_ldap.conf
> /etc/ldap/ldap.conf
> nsswitch.conf
> nss_updatedb cron.hourly

> What i have done :
> My package install the files in /usr/share/site_configuration/.
> My postinst script use ucf to install them in the right place.
> It 's not a good job ?

It is not possible for a package to change another package’s conffiles,
even by using ucf. The changes would be considered local by the next
upgrade of the package you are modifying the configuration.

The appropriate tool for modifying such configuration is a centralized
administration utility like puppet or cfengine.

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