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Re: package config

On Tue, 20 May 2008 08:34:10 +0200, Anthony  <anthony.berger@cea.fr> said: 

> Hello, everybody I have a little question about ucf (example with a
> package which contains a file package_file.conf)

> Can i use de package_file.conf.dpkg-old generate by the ucf utility?

        Use it for what?

> I would like to know how can i restore the old conf files after use
> ucf.?

        If this is in a maintainer script, just don't run ucf. If this
 is as an end user, you should have been asked a question had you
 modified the file -- and yes, you can recover the older version of the

> I have created a package which manage some files with ucf BUT when i
> remove the package i would like to restore the files before the
> installation .  I could rename the file package_file.conf.dpkg-old in
> package_file.conf in postrm script (remove)

        The dpkg.old file might not exist at that point ( the user might
 have gotten rid of it, for one thing). If you want to reliably do that,
 copy the file somewhere safe, and restore from your cached location
 later.  Depending on the old file being around is risky.

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