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Re: Which problem are we trying to solve? (Was: divergence from upstream as a bug)

2008/5/18 Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net>:
> The problem I am interested in solving is:
>  It is currently difficult for people not involved in Debian
>  development (upstream, other distros, users) to know which patches we
>  applied, the reason for the patch, and whether they should be
>  interested in that patch or not.

I agree there too. That's the problem I'm interested in solving too,
and I think that the proposed solution of having some pseudoheaders
added to the patches and an automated system to fetch those patches
and publish them automatically would be the best solution. This would
allow an easy inspection, not only from upstream, but also from people
from other distros, third parties and Debian collaborators.


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