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Re: How to handle Debian patches

On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 02:26:29PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> George Danchev wrote:
> > Then comes even more, even Ben Laurie (as he writes in 
> > his blog) with all his aggression missed to find the debian's pkg-openssl VCS 
> > repo [1] unless he has been helped by someone at some point. I'm not against 
> > the VCS repo (I myself use some for my packaging), I just claim that you can 
> > expect that random upstream developers and random debian users know about it, 
> > they need instead extremely simple and stable interfaces to access the 
> > changes to their upstream source currently found in Debian archive, and we 
> > already have that for years. 
> The openssl package is missing a Vcs-Svn field. If it had one it would
> be pretty easy to find its svn repo.

It would be nice that there was some kind of ducomentation on what
people might want to put in the control file that isn't in policy, like
those Vcs- things, Homepage, ...  

Similar, things like a watch file in all packages that can have one
would be great.

As far as I know, they're all documented in the developers reference.
But I don't know of a list or recommended things a package should have.

What I find handy about policy is that we have a version we put in the
control file, and it has a nice "upgrading checklist" so that you know
what changed since the last time.


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