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Sorting out mail-transport-agent mess


Noticing among others this bug report 
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=322751 and observing the 
many packages depending on $MTA | mail-transport-agent with $MTA having 
values like postfix, exim, exim4, sendmail, nullmailer and probably others. 
And some packages just depending on mail-transport-agent without providing a 

The latter, just depending on mail-transport-agent, makes apt, at least 
currently, pick the package first in the alphabet providing m-t-a. (A bit 
ago, this was courier. now it is citadel). This definately needs fixing, but 
why not sort everything out while we are at it?

I think something needs to be done somewhere. There is several solutions, 
among others the following:

1) Exim4 is currently the default installed MTA. So any package requiring a 
MTA should depend on exim4 | mail-transport-agent. Defined by policy and all 
packages should be fixed to this.

2) Introduce a default-mta package (currently) depending on exim4. All 
packages requiring a MTA should depend on default-mta | mail-transport-agent.  
This will have the extra advantage that we (and others like CDDs and derived 
distros) easily could swap default MTA.

3) do the real ugly hack and invent a aaaaa-m-t-a depending on the default mta

Any comments? Depending on the outcome, I guess I will take this to 
either -policy or tech-ctte or wherever required.

And please please please. Don't take this into a flamewar about which MTA 
should be the one installed by default.


Some stats:
$ grep-dctrl -FDepends -sDepends 
mail-transport-agent /var/lib/apt/lists/*unstable*Packages | 
sed -e's/Depends:\( .*,\)\?\([^,]*mail-transport-agent\).*/\2/' | sort | 
uniq -c
      6  exim | mail-transport-agent
    135  exim4 | mail-transport-agent
      6  exim4 | postfix | sendmail | mail-transport-agent
      3  exim4-daemon-light | mail-transport-agent
     15  mail-transport-agent
      3  nullmailer | mail-transport-agent
     33  postfix | mail-transport-agent
      3  sendmail (>= 8.9) | mail-transport-agent
      9  sendmail | mail-transport-agent
      3  sendmail | postfix | exim4 | mail-transport-agent
      6  sendmail-bin | mail-transport-agent
      3  ssmtp | mail-transport-agent
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