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Re: [OT] Need old Packages.gz and Release Files

On Fri, 25 Apr 2008, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Diffs are often quite small. The time needed to establish a
> connection is often comparable to the time a diff takes to be
> downloaded... So, even with pipelining and all, storing too many
> diffs becomes irrelevant.

There's also the (non-trivial) overhead of actually applying the diff
to consider. [The equation for the break-even point is something like:

package.gz_size/slowest_speed = (num_pdifs)[ave_pdif_size/slowest_speed+ave_pdif_apply_time]

num_pdifs = package.gz_size/link_speed
where link_speed is the slowest link speed we think is reasonable (56K
modem?) ]

I know for most of my machines, the number of pdifs at the break-even
point tends to be around 20. [Super fast links, but not-so-hot cpus.]

Don Armstrong

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