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Hackontest ranking (was: Debian "feature requests" wanted)

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2008.04.18.1741 +0200]:
> for the upcoming Hackontest here in Switzerland, we are still
> looking for more feature requests:
>   http://www.hackontest.org/index.php?action=Root-projectDetail%2815%29

The list is growing, and yet new ones are still welcome.

Features are rated, and it's likely that higher-ranked features get

I would therefore like to invite those interested to register an
account and vote for (or against) those features you want. I can
personally vouch for the organisers of hackontest not selling your
email address to others.

Go register and vote! This increases the chance that features you
want are going to be implemented!

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