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Re: [Pkg-cups-devel] cupsddk - stolen WNPP - policy violation

Hi Patrick,

Patrick [2008-04-21 17:55 +0200]:
> You have not _explicitely refused it - but you didnt add me either. 

Oh, that might have been the point of confusion. I am an administrator
for the cupsys package alioth project, but you didn't state that you
wanted to work on cupsys itself (and, besides, you should do some
contributions before you get commit access). So far I assumed that
there would be separate projects for separate sources?

> And to be honest - or rathe rin fact it does NOT make any sense, since  
> the Ubuntupackage is more of a hack than a debian-like package 

That might very well be so, I haven't checked it at all. I just wanted
to ensure that you are aware of it.



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