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Re: [Pkg-cups-devel] cupsddk - stolen WNPP - policy violation

Mark Purcell schrieb:
Patrick Ringl [2008-04-21  3:46 +0200]:
I am concerned about 'cupsddk' which recently passed NEW. On 25th of
march I contacted pkg-cups for joining the team and working on cupsddk
[1] since I am about to repackage 'splix' (a driver for samsung laser
Martin Pitt did not accept my request for NO reason and told me to work
together with the Ubuntumaintainer of the package.


Maintenance of cupsddk is open for team contributions, please pass any changes you have to the mailing list cupsddk@packages.debian.org and we will incorporate them.


We also need cupsddk to fix some release critical bugs in hplip, which is why we have packaged it. We work with Till in the hplip team as well and he has commit access, so it seemed like the next most sensible place.
Well that is true, but uploading a package that WILL be release-critical is any good? And yes since the copyright file is wrong, this is a rc-bug. And well, since it is cups related, I'd like to see it in pkg-cups tho. I doubt that my changes are 'accepted' by Till, since they'll turn the package inside out - but I'll give it a try.

Till did never deal with my correspondence so far, which is why I think he should not maintain it - apart from that I am a CDBS fan, and things look far cleaner than with his debian/rules.
You didn't change the RFP to an ITP and the WNPP is full of people who haven't issued an ITP and say they will but then never do anything. Policy states you should change the WNPP bug to ITP, which you didn't, so there has been no policy violation. But you are free to assist with the package in what ever way you can. All contributions are welcome.
Yes, you are right. Although I maintain several packages, I forgot about filing the ITP. My hint of a proper policy violation was anot about that 'act of stealing' but rather because it keeps the wrong copyright file :-)

cupsddk has been uploaded to NEW twice and updates since, so you could of said anything at any time. There have also been some bug reports, so please forward any comments you have on the copyright file etc...
Yep, unfortunately I have not noticed it's upload to SID in the first place - but I'll try to contribute :-)
Perhaps in the longer term we could consolidate in a debian printing team, http://lists.debian.org/debian-printing/ but given the amount of work (outstanding BTS) each team has any contributions are welcome.


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