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Please think and test before setting a mailing list as "Maintainer:"

I happen to often send mails to <package>@packages.debian.org while
conducting my NMU campaigns for l10n bugs hunting.

From time to time, I still get such mails rejected because the said
package uses a mailing list as "Maintainer:".

This is of course one of the keys of collaborative maintenance but,
please fellow developers, do NOT use subscribers-restricted mailing
lists for that! Or, at least allow mails sent to <package>@p.d.o as
well as mails from the BTS and all such administrative stuff.

There's indeed nothing as annoying as getting a "your mail has been
held for moderation" or "posting restricted to subscribers" when
sending a notification to <package>@p.d.o or sending a bug report.

As a kind of example, let me post what Steve and I did set for the
samba package maintenance ML, run by mailman:


1) Allow posts from our upstream:
2) Allow admin mails from Alioth
3) Allow BTS-link mails

generic_nonmember_action: Hold

acceptable aliases:

1) Allow bugs to be sent to the ML
2) Ditto
3) Allow mails sent to samba@p.d.o to reach the ML
4) Ditto

require_explicit_destination: No


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