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Re: Please think and test before setting a mailing list as "Maintainer:"

On 11361 March 1977, Christian Perrier wrote:
> I happen to often send mails to <package>@packages.debian.org while
> conducting my NMU campaigns for l10n bugs hunting.

> From time to time, I still get such mails rejected because the said
> package uses a mailing list as "Maintainer:".

I did hate that too, and in the end it lead to the alioth admins
implementing the Debian whitelist. That helps for about 95% of the
packages using a mailinglist and currently allows all ftpteam members,
debbugs, dak and lucas ddpomail as well as Hennings "migrated to
testing" mails.

Im sure that, if you send your stuff from one defined address only, this
address could be added to the whitelist too. Of course it then should be
one that you normally not use, ie. not bubulle@d.o, but something like
bubulle-l10@d.o or maybe restricted to one host, like

Then you bypass all the usual filters on alioth lists.

bye, Joerg
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