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Re: intend to hijack GnuPG

On Saturday 19 April 2008 22:25:31 Clint Adams wrote:
> > And, BTW, most of us (including me) have a paid dayjob, and are of
> > course active on that one for the contracted time - for obvious
> > reasons. Telling that I would neglect Debian because I'm spending more
> > time on my dayjob than Debian wouldn't motivate me, and that's
> > probably the same for everyone else. I also have to say that last time
> > I spoke with elmo on IRC, he answered within minutes to me.
> I don't see how any of that is relevant.  If I know I'm going to be too
> busy to do something, I'm not going to commit to doing it well.  I'm not
> going to commit to doing it at all.  If I have the time to do something
> I've committed to doing and I don't do it because I am "unmotivated",
> that is my issue.  It is not Debian's responsibility to motivate me more
> than anyone else.  Certainly the only motivation I should need is the
> knowledge that I committed to do something and have not rescinded that
> commitment.

gnupg is important package. PTS says:
"The package is of priority standard or higher, you should really find some 

Suggestion: Can we replace 'should' with 'must'?

I think James can easily find co-maintainer for it if he is not finding 
enough time for it or atleast do RFH.

(thats what I did for festival and some other packages)

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