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Re: Handling bugs properly

On Fri, 18 Apr 2008, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> What is an ordinary bug submitter's recourse when a bug report is
> closed without resolution?

Reopen the bug once with more information, then if it's closed again
without resolution, contact -devel or similar if they're convinced
that it's a bug which should be resolved, with possible escalation to
the CTTE if the maintainer isn't convinced. Ideally though,[1]
maintainers shouldn't be closing bugs without explanations.

> The response sent to the poster is that a reasonable response must
> have been received (or a paraphrase); what happens then the response
> is missing?

That's a problem with closing bugs using the close command to
control@; there's no resolution present in the message, and it's why
close is deprecated, and why it'll probably go away in the
not-to-distant future. [It still doesn't stop you from using -done
without any content, but at least that gives you some pressure to
provide content.]

Don Armstrong

1: And admitedly, I've closed some bugs with what quite possibly were
far to terse explanations since the reason why they were invalid was
obvious to me...
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