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Re: Handling bugs properly (Was: Bug#474964: ...)

On Fri, 18 Apr 2008, Andreas Tille wrote:
> I want to hear your opinion about the following question: If you
> think a bug does not belong to your package, do you think it is your
> duty as a maintainer to reassign to bug to the package it belongs to
> or do you think just closing the bug is fine?

If a bug does not belong to the package to which it is assigned, but
does belong to a package in Debian, it should be reassigned to that
package. As a maintainer, if you can't figure out which package it
should be assigned to, but you know it isn't your package, either make
your best guess and explain your reservations or reassign it to

Closing valid bugs which were merely assigned to the wrong package
isn't acceptable (though admitedly, it *is* better than just ignoring
them entirely.)

That said, as a submitter, you don't need to reopen the bug to
reassign it, and playing reopen games when you're not the maintainer
of the package in question isn't correct either.

Don Armstrong

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