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Re: Should -dev packages providing .pc files depend on pkg-config?

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 01:44:55AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> >> > What if the library says "You must call /usr/bin/foo during build"?
> >> 
> >> How does the library say that? Why can't I just have gcc -o baz baz.c
> >> -lfoo
> >> 
> >> How can the library make that not work?
> > By not shipping the libraries in /usr/lib:
> >> pkg-config --libs valgrind
> > -L/usr/lib/valgrind/amd64-linux -lcoregrind -lvex -lgcc
>         And how exactly does this prevent me from doing:
> baz: baz.c
>         gcc -o baz baz.c -L/usr/lib/foo/amd64-linux -lfoo

By changing the paths and library names often.  If upstream says
pkg-config is the only supported thing, and all other methods, in
particular direct linking, should be expected to break every time a new
version comes out, then pkg-config is indeed how things must be done.
If you don't, you get an FTBFS in a binNMU, which would not have been
there if you would have used upstream's build system.

Of course it is always possible for a package maintainer to divert from
his upstream, and in some cases it is a very good idea, too.  But when
you do this, you're taking over a part of upstream.  Only the library
package maintainer can do this (not the maintainer for packages linking
to the library).  If you want to guarantee a stable interface when using
-l for your library, even when upstream doesn't, go right ahead.  But
it's not the only way, and if a library package maintainer follows his
upstream in requiring pkg-config, then packages depending on his -dev
package will _need_ to use that method.


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