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Fellow earthicans...

as part of Google's Summer of Code we are working the "debexpo" project
which is supposed to create a software basis to run "social
network"-enhanced Debian package repositories. Think mentors.debian.net
with more social interaction like commenting on other people's packages
and perhaps moving part of the "RFS" communication on the debian-mentors
mailing list to the website. mentors.debian.net will start using that
software, too, then.

As soon as that part is done I would like to consider moving the service
to an official Debian machine. I've been sponsoring hardware for
mentors.debian.net for the last years. In my opinion the mentors server
has become an established resource and is used a lot. So I wondered what
has to be done to get it into debian.org hardware. I'd still be willing
to maintain it of course.

What would be needed:

- Python (>= 2.4)
- PostgreSQL
- 10 GB disk space (currently the source repository is just 2 GB)
- Crontab
- Apache, nging, lighttpd...

If everything turns out to work as we plan during our "debexpo" project
we will run as much as possible inside the Python web framework (Pylons)
so there is less to do on the shell and e.g. no proftpd involved
(uploads are supposed to happen through 'dput' and its ability to use
HTTP PUT). The application will work on mod_wsgi or mod_python on Apache
or standalone with its built-in web server that can be proxied by
mod_proxy to a local port.

This does not need to happen before fall 2008. But then it would be nice
if we could move it then. Who is in charge of the debian.org servers for
this matter?

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