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Re: mentors.debian.ORG?

On 11348 March 1977, Christoph Haas wrote:

> As soon as that part is done I would like to consider moving the service
> to an official Debian machine. I've been sponsoring hardware for
> mentors.debian.net for the last years. In my opinion the mentors server
> has become an established resource and is used a lot. So I wondered what
> has to be done to get it into debian.org hardware. I'd still be willing
> to maintain it of course.

One problem with hosting it on a debian.org machine is that this might
include software not checked by an ftpmaster/assistant, which might very
well be undistributable by Debian. Which is a *BAD* thing to do on a
debian host. IMO not very likely to get on such a host.

Are you hardcoded to your solution? I wouldn't have a problem if we go
and merge this into dak.ganneff.de - something which I meant to move to
a new host anyway. Which would be a big enough Xen domU on one of my
hosts. *Of* course that would work with dak as the background software
then... Depending on the extras mentors might need it should be doable
by additions to the dak code.

bye, Joerg
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