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Re: A suggestion

Why would i have to put up with graphics when i run Debian on servers?
I'd have to remove stuff, came Debian default with those. I prefer to
add things when needed, rather than the opposite way. Debian is not
only targetted at Desktop users. Ubuntu is, as far i can judge.
Also, I don't feel uncomfortable having to tell what video controller I
use locally, or what sound chip (actually, i can't remember that I
explicitely had to set that up myself). I know better than any
installer which video controller I intend to use, in case of multiple
adapters. That this approach is not ideal for first time users, is
evident. But OTOH, Debian users a commonly people who have gathered
some experience with Linux already, often switching over from another
distribution. Make Debian compete with other distributions targetting
unexperienced users seems detrimentary to both, it seems. Let's say
there is a user group for which Ubuntu simply fits better, and a group
for which Debian is a better choice. Why make them more similar?

On Wed, 26 Mar 2008 12:32:33 +0530
Unni <ravikrishnanunni@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have been using debian for the last 2 years. ( i was unaware of
> linux b4 that)
> I installed debian etch in many machines with varying configurations.
> Most of the time I was only able to install the base system with no
> sound, poor resolution, no video etc. This was especially in laptops.
> Recently I tried Ubuntu. Surprisingly to me, after installation the
> sound card, video card etc are detected automatically.
> And more.. the appearence is much good compared to etch, i think.
> Why the debian can be more interesting? More graphics, more drivers
> etc. I think this can be done without a big effort ( correct me if  I
> am wrong). I suggest to make this change possible.
> If this is not a good suggestion please discard it. I love to use
> debian and I wanted it to be more that Ubuntu.
> Thank you for your time
> Ravi Krishnan Unni

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