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Re: I am confused about configuration files

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> wrote:
> "Artur R. Czechowski" <arturcz@hell.pl> writes:
> > Is the only way to make sure that conffiles do not clutter filesystem to
> > remove them in maintainer's script on upgrade from previous version?
> I believe that's the case, although I'd like to get some confirmation
> before adding something to Policy 10.7.3 about this.  See Bug#470633.
It doesn't sound good for me. Let's consider fglrx driver. I would like to
stay tuned with fglrx from Debian package. But sometimes I have a problems
running an OpenGL application. In such cases I use an flgrx directly from
ATI to verify if problem exists. If application works I am trying to find
the differences then I submit the bug to fglrx maintainers. The problem is
that init.d script for the daemon required by driver is named in Debian
package differently from ATI package. I believe maintainer of the package
had a reason for doing it[1].

So what should be the proper way to allow switching between ATI and Debian
debs with drivers? Ask the maintainer to rename the init.d script back to
original name? Ask him to delete the ATI init.d script? In this case what to
do when switching from Debian to ATI package? Don't bother anybody about it
and remove the obsoleted files manualy by myself? What would you suggest
in this case?

Best regards

[1] I'm Cc-ing the maintainer, pleas ask on debian-devel, please.
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