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Re: table view wnpp page now on wnpp.debian.net

On 17 Mar 2008, at 3:35 am, Sebastian Pipping wrote:

Tim Cutts wrote:
Hm, can you help with creating a good set of colors?
There are a number of programs around which can help with this. I use Color Oracle: http://colororacle.cartography.ch/ It sits in a Gnome panel, and will temporarily change your entire display's colours to simulate three different kinds of colour blindness.

While I do like the concept of this application, it seems
to be closed source and (probably?) does not take choosing
colors off my shoulders.

Well, at least it's free (beer) if not free (speech). Its algorithm is published, though, so if someone felt so inclined they could probably write something free (speech). I haven't seen anything open source yet. Basically, the general advice is to avoid distinguishing colours solely in the red and green components; red, green and yellow can all be confused by colour blind males. I have seen suggested spectra for use in charts for colour blind people, and the predominating colours are blue and brown.

Still not free, but the following web site probably helps you do what you want:


Click on its "triad" button, and it automatically picks three contrasting colours which work in all forms of colour blindness (including the extremely rare case of totally monochromatic vision).

For example:


is one such set, and works quite well for normal vision, because they are greenish, purplish and beige-ish respectively.


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