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IPv6 stack initialization during boot (Was: Status of dependency based boot sequencing release goal 2008-03)

[Florian Weimer]
> This reminds me of an old problem: Does the network dependency
> result in initialization of the IPv6 stack?

That is up to the network enabling script to decide.  :)

At the moment, the $network virtual facility is defined to mean the
scripts networking and ifupdown.  If these script are initializing the
IPv6 stack, $network represent a working IPv6 stack.

> (IPv6 networking is NOT started at boot on etch, but the module is
> loaded automatically, which gets the worst of both worlds:
> IPv6-induced delays and no full IPv6 support out of the box.  I wish
> we could avoid thos problem for lenny.)

I hope so to.  But it is as far as I can see, not related to the
dependency based boot sequencing release goal.  This goal is about the
order of the scripts, it does not specify their behaviour.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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