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Re: Status of dependency based boot sequencing release goal 2008-03

* Petter Reinholdtsen:

> Here is a small update on the release goal of converting the Debian boot
> sequening to use dynamic and dependency based ordering instead of hardcoded
> sequence numbers.
> The latest status information is available from
> <URL: http://wiki.debian.org/LSBInitScripts/DependencyBasedBoot >.
> As of 2008-03-07, all packages with missing dependency information in
> one of their init.d scripts have been reported to BTS. More than 80%
> of the packages with init.d scripts already provide this dependency
> information, and the amount is increasing rapidly.

This reminds me of an old problem: Does the network dependency result in
initialization of the IPv6 stack?

(IPv6 networking is NOT started at boot on etch, but the module is
loaded automatically, which gets the worst of both worlds: IPv6-induced
delays and no full IPv6 support out of the box.  I wish we could avoid
thos problem for lenny.)

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