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Re: dpkg semi-hijack - an announcement (also, triggers)

Andreas Tille writes ("Re: dpkg semi-hijack - an announcement (also, triggers)"):
> Well, I don't want to interrupt your guys thrilling discussion
> about indentation of source code and I can not really imagine
> that you are not aware of
>         apt-cache show indent

Running indent on an existing body of code is a bad idea.

> but isn't it a usual behaviour that a group decides about a
> certain policy of formatting code and then sticks to it?

This is done at the beginnings of projects precisely to avoid this
kind of nonsense.  If I had written a `coding style' document in the
root of the dpkg tree then Guillem would probably have now felt
entitled to just change it.

> Just a shy try to calm down from a poor outsider who really
> wonders how people could flame about whitespaces...

What I'm flaming about is that WE STILL DON'T HAVE TRIGGERS !

The _excuse_ that has been given is that the git log was not pretty
enough and they didn't like the formattting.


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