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Re: Please allow the migration of the packages stalled in the MIPS buildd backlog.

On 02/03/08 at 23:34 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> I have not asked MIPS to be removed from the list of released
> architectures. I have asked testing migration to be uncoupled from MIPS
> building while the buildds are suffering. In a previous thread it has
> been suggested that this operation requires a minimal amount of work.

It requires a minimal amount of work to remove mips from the
architectures considered for testing transitions. On the other hand, it
requires a lot of work if we still want to release with mips after that,
because from that point, testing and testing-mips will start diverging.
Getting them back in sync will be really hard, and actually, it's likely
to cause us to release without mips.

So, even if it would be better to have testing be in good state, it's
not a release blocker yet, and developers should concentrate on fixing
bugs. Users can use testing + apt pinning. I use that on all my !stable
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