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Re: Idea of Debian mascot

How about a potato as a mascot? It is a staple in many diets, it dovetails
nicely with the Toy Story leitmotif running through debian versioning, and 
is malleable allowing it to look like a lot of things, i.e. with a face, a 
swirl on its belly, etc.

The logos are fantastic and should not be changed. Changing the swirl would
damage the debian brand which stands for "technically advanced", "commited
to freedom", "user-focused", "stable and supported" amongst other things.
If the swirl changed, it would make debian seem less "stable" since the image
of the brand would be seen to shift.

A mascot might help with branding. While branding is generally something that 
FLOSS engineers care nothing about, and seems trivial, it has an impact.

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