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Re: Idea of Debian mascot

William Pitcock dijo [Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 01:41:22PM -0600]:
> > In natural environments, you could hardly find animals living as far
> > apart as polar bears and penguins. A polar bear has to swim/walk close
> > to 15,000Km (as neither lives really on the poles, right?) to find a
> > decent penguin.
> "to find a decent penguin"? Could you clarify what you mean by "decent"
> here?

There are penguins living in most of the South hemisphere's coasts -
Up to the Equator, in the Galapagos Islands. I would not call them
decent, as they break most of our cultural myths/icons :)

> (Also, it's a bloody mascot, who cares if they don't /really/ live in
> the same locations. They live in the same /climate/ and that's good
> enough for most people.)

I do not care for a Debian mascot. The whole thread should belong in
-curiosa, FWIW... Or in /dev/null even.

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