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Re: On the subject of watchfiles (was Re: Proposed MBF: Debian upstream version higher than watch file-reported upstream version)

Andreas Tille dijo [Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 03:02:31PM +0100]:
> Well, in fact it is helpful if you teach upstream to organise releases
> that way that watchfiles would work.  This is not only in the interest
> of Debian but for the whole FLOSS community so other interested users
> will be able to transparantly download software as well and upstream
> will start using a consistent version management.  This will not work
> for upstream dead software - but here are watch files void anyway.

Heh, start a bit earlier (think Ruby)... Educate maintainers to
release proper .tar.gz, not braindead .gem packages containing the
equivalent to an orig.tar.gz (but created due to a nice
don't-ask-me-why-that's-not-properly-implemented bug in December 31,
1969)... And then complaining if you are distributing in stable
anything older than their nightly checkouts.

Yes, Perl and the CPAN rock my world, although my programming is
nowadays mostly Ruby-based. The Ruby general mindset is WAY inferior. 

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