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Re: On the subject of watchfiles (was Re: Proposed MBF: Debian upstream version higher than watch file-reported upstream version)

On Tue, 26 Feb 2008, Martín Ferrari wrote:

Of course, we have luck, because CPAN (99% of our packages come from
there, and we have only 4 unsolvable watch problems) is pretty
well-behaving and consistent, compared to other upstreams. But chances
are that watchfiles can be useful for the majority of people.

Well, in fact it is helpful if you teach upstream to organise releases
that way that watchfiles would work.  This is not only in the interest
of Debian but for the whole FLOSS community so other interested users
will be able to transparantly download software as well and upstream
will start using a consistent version management.  This will not work
for upstream dead software - but here are watch files void anyway.

Kind regards

        Andreas, who had also doubt about watch files until about
                 onw year ago ...


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