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Re: Debian mirror CDN had launched.


On 2/19/08, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> wrote:
> FWIW, thanks for implementing a great idea :) This might be specially
> useful for laptop users who often connect from different countries :)

> The implementation also gives me some strange results: From my
> workstation, in the 132.248. class-B, I get:
> cdn.debian.net is an alias for deb.cdn.araki.net.
> deb.cdn.araki.net has address
> deb.cdn.araki.net has address
> deb.cdn.araki.net has address
> But my closest mirror is (unsurprisingly!)
> (ftp.mx.debian.org - on a 100Mbps link from here ;-) )

If configuration added, cdn.debian.net's DNS(DNS-balance
http://openlab.jp/dns_balance/dns_balance.html.en) can understand
client IP address CIDR net block and AS (Autonomous System) to return
appropriate mirror hosts.

I patched something which includes Max-Mind geoip lookup to apply
contry/continent configuration.
In the near future,  I will add Leo's  (costela@debian.org) geomirror.d.n like
code to generate country/continent configuration from Mirros.masterlist.

However, now I have to write configuration lines for each CIDR/AS block.
Anybody hope to use CIDR/AS block configuration, I would like to think system...

Example of configuration lines are followings for unam.mx.

$addr_db = {
  "" => {         # => Request from
                               #    For example, DNS client's IP is
                               #    "", search "" to
                               #    "".
    "deb.cdn.araki.net" => [
                               #    This host name must be lower case character.

      [[133,248,181,148], 0],          # => IP address and badness information.
      [[1,2,3,5], 10000],      #    Badness must be 0-10000. 0 is for fastest
      [[1,2,3,6], 9000],       #    server, and 10000 is for downed server.
      [[1,2,3,7], 9000],

ARAKI Yasuhiro

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