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Re: Proposition: 'NMU' upload of wxwidgets 2.8

Miles Bader <miles.bader <at> necel.com> writes:
> Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd <at> debian.org> writes:
> > Differently put, why do you think that NOT having current versions 
> > of a popular library, here wxwidgets in version 2.8, is a feature 
> > and not a bug?
> I don't.  I'm just questioning the (apparent) assertion that the
> presence or lack of "CodeBlocks" is "critical" to those who "appreciate
> using Debian as a development platform".  Surely 99% of people who do
> development on Debian haven't even _heard_ of CodeBlocks.

Fair enough, but we took that as "one" rather than "the" example.  

And if you look at the recent post on Planet Debian, it seems that the lack
of wxwidgets has now reached the PostgreSQL admin gui pgamin3. So the current
version of Pg in unstable no longer has a working admin gui.  Not nice, and not
in line out cherished "our priority are our users" as we're now breaking working


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