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Re: Idea for package name instead of "build" (ITP)

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> writes:

    >> Since it seems to generate makefiles, I suggest Automake :-)
    >> But, slightly more seriously "mentioning" Gnu Make might also
    >> be a possibility: e.g. gmbuild or mkbuild or makebuild or
    >> mfbuild.

    Michael> It's unclear to me what your answer has to do with the
    Michael> question.  AFAICT, Raphael was asking for feedback on how
    Michael> to name some random build system with the pretty generic
    Michael> name `build', and you recommended some alternatives
    Michael> instead.

Sorry, I guess I was not very clear. I meant to suggest that since the
build system called "build" is really a makefile generator for GNU
Make, that it might be helpful if the Debian package name could hint
at that fact.  The rest of my message was suggestions for names. Upon
reflection, not only was the idea not so well expressed, but relationship
with GNU Make could be better expressed in the short description.

OK, I think I have generated enough noise on this issue. 


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