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Idea for package name instead of "build" (ITP)

Hi folks,

I intent to package (ITP) the http://codesynthesis.com/products/xsd/
tool set (XSD: XML Data Binding for C++). To get the packaging working
a special build environment has to be installed, called "build"
(http://kolpackov.net/projects/build/). To do so, I've to package the
"build" package first.

Now I'm looking for a idea how to name the "build" package. For my
perspective of view is "build" to simple to be packaged as it is. My
idea was to sue the first letters (forename, surname) of the
developer, e.g. bkbuild.

Due to the less spread of the "build" tool set I thing it should not
be a big problem for people who search for it in Debian.

Raphael Bossek

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