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Re: Meaning of the "Altering package upload rules"

On 13/02/08 at 22:21 +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> So if these are good arguments for not doing (massive) binary uploads,
> they are also good arguments for not allowing binary-uploads at all
> (thousands DDs making binary uploads are hardly worst than 1 DD doing
> massive binary uploads). Or, if you prefer, they are good arguments for
> throwing away the .debs uploaded by DDs and rebuilding them from
> scratch.

I never saw the point of binaries+source uploads where you throw away the
binaries. The only point of this is to force DDs to check that the
package actually builds. If some DDs upload stuff that they don't know
to work, that's a social issue, not a technical one.

Currently, we already have several DDs building their packages without
using an up-to-date, clean sid chroot.  If we start throwing away the
binaries that are uploaded, there won't be any point in using a clean
chroot, or even to upload the real binary packages: small fake binary
packages would be much more cpu- and bandwidth-friendly ;)
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