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Re: toolchain issue makes qt3 drop symbols ?

> On Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 10:04:53AM +0100, Patrick Winnertz wrote:
> > I've a rebuilded virtualbox-ose against the newest qt3.38b but wanted to
> > wait with an upload, until I know what exactly will happen with this bug.
> > If we decide to binNMU, I'll upload this package.. it contains not only a
> > fix for this issue but for some other issues, too.
> ???
> Which other issues do you think you fix in an binNMU? Keep in mind that
> we talk about rebuilding 1.5.4-dfsg-4.

if we choose the binNMU needed packages way,
virtualbox-ose binNMU will become useless in case of a 1.5.4-dfsg-5
upload is pending.

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