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Re: toolchain issue makes qt3 drop symbols ?

Am Montag, 11. Februar 2008 09:45:32 schrieb fboudra@gmail.com:
> so far, identified packages are:
> k3b
> kdebase
> ktorrent
> gwenview (already rebuilded against Qt3.3.8b)
> virtualbox-ose
I've a rebuilded virtualbox-ose against the newest qt3.38b but wanted to 
wait with an upload, until I know what exactly will happen with this bug.
If we decide to binNMU, I'll upload this package.. it contains not only a 
fix for this issue but for some other issues, too.

> > Do it like ubuntu did and just binNMU the packages expecting these
> > symbols?
> I'm in favor of binNMU needed packages.
I would also favour to binNMU all needed packages. 


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